Justin Bieber Insinuates He's About To Drop A Brand New Record

Justin Bieber Insinuates He's About To Drop A Brand New Record
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Justin Bieber just might be dropping a brand new R&B album soon claims a new report from the entertainment outlet, TMZ. Justin Bieber and his wife, Hailey, spent their Thanksgiving day in Miami, Florida, where they grabbed some juice at Joe and The Juice to kick off their holiday weekend.

The singer-songwriter was spotted wearing a shirt that said, "drop this album already," likely in reference to his upcoming project following his wildly successful record, Purpose , from 2017. As it was previously reported, Justin has slowly started reintroducing himself into the music scene following his hiatus after his supporting tour for the 2017 album.

TMZ reported that Justin intends on dropping a brand new record which will be his first step into the world of Rhythm and Blues. If his hairstyle is any indication of the change, it's likely the newly married man is gearing up to drop new material. Justin showed off his brand new pink hair at the beginning of the week, however, he later switched to platinum.

Earlier in November, Justin Bieber sparked additional controversy when a photograph featured him giving his bodyguard a hug. Fans became entirely convinced something terrible was happening in his life when the picture hit the press.

You can check it out in the tweet below:

At the time of the report, fans thought it may have had something to do with Selena Gomez. Rumor had it that Justin felt depressed following the new track from his ex-girlfriend, Selena, called, "Lose You To Love Me."

As it was noted above, Justin has taken time away from the spotlight in recent years, however, the reason for why he did so is disputed, with some believing it was due to exhaustion, while others believed it was Gomez-related.

As a result of the photographs, in conjunction with Selena's new song, fans thought Justin and Hailey were already heading for a breakup following their marriage earlier this year. With all things considered, nobody ever found out why Justin was looking so sad.

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