Madonna Cancels Some Of Her Shows Following Ill Health

Madonna Cancels Some Of Her Shows Following Ill Health
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UPI reported earlier today that Madonna was taking time off from touring in support of her latest record due to unspecified health problems. The singer-songwriter took to her social media earlier on Wednesday night to say she had to take a short break to get back to 100%.

The 61-year-old singer said on her Instagram account last night that performing shows while in her current state would cause a lot of discomfort and pain. For that reason, doctors told her it would be best to go on a temporary hiatus so she can recover and come back stronger than ever.

Madonna is currently promoting her latest effort, Madame X. As it was previously reported, her tour started in September following her residency at the BAM Howard Gilman Opera House in New York. She intended to fly all over the United States, including other cities outside the US like Paris and London.

It hasn't been an uneventful year for Madonna. In the summertime, Madonna put the New York Times on blast for their profile interview, which the starlet described as "superficial" as well as "trivial."

Before Madonna dropped her new record, the singer revealed a few interesting stories to interviewers, including the purported fact that Donald Trump supposedly claimed she was pursuing him romantically. Additionally, the singer described Harvey Weinstein as being "incredibly sexually flirtatious and forward" when they worked together.

Her discussion of those stories wasn't what made her upset, however. In her IG post, Madonna criticized the journalist, Vanessa Grigoriadis, whom she claimed was guilty of obsessing over the singer's age as well as her expression that she felt "raped" when her tracks were leaked online.

In response to the publication of the New York Times profile, Madonna said she regretted spending five minutes of her time with the interviewer, and also said the NYT was "one of the founding fathers of the patriarchy."

Furthermore, Madonna accused the outlet of disparaging, degrading, and diminishing her accomplishments. Madge felt it was necessary to add she was a "strong independent woman."

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