Justin Bieber Admits He Has ‘Benefitted’ From Black Culture While Showing More Support To The BLM Movement

Justin Bieber Admits He Has ‘Benefitted’ From Black Culture While Showing More Support To The BLM Movement
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The singer is well aware that he’s benefited from black culture in his career and he is not afraid to admit it! That being said, Justin Bieber vowed to be as involved as possible in the fight to end ‘systemic oppression.’

The 26 year old star used his platform once again to speak up against racism amid the Black Lives Matter protests happening all over the world.

As fans know, the Canadian singer has been posting a lot about the senseless killing of George Floyd and the general issues that led to it such as social injustice and racial inequality in the United States.

Obviously, he’s been very much condemning the systemic racism at hand all the while showing his support to the Black Lives Matter movement.

However, this time around, he used his platform to discuss his own link to Black culture and how he’s both been influenced by it and profited from it when it comes to his art and even personal fashion.

At the end of his statement, Justin promised to be a part of the change.

‘I am inspired by black culture. I have benefitted off black culture. My style, how I sing, how I dance, perform, my fashion, they have all been influenced and inspired by black culture. I'm committed to using my platform to speak up about racial injustice and systemic oppression, and identify ways to be part of a much needed change,’ Bieber wrote.

As mentioned before, Justin has been posting a lot about the current situation ever since the murder of George Floyd.

Furthermore, he was also one of the many who celebrated Breonna Taylor on what would have been her 27th birthday.

In the meantime, he’s shared messages such as: ‘All lives do not matter until Black lives matter,’ and ‘It is not enough to be quietly non-racist, now is the time to be vocally anti-racist.’

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