Eva Marcille Honored Breonna Taylor For Her Birthday - Check Out Her Emotional Post

Eva Marcille Honored Breonna Taylor For Her Birthday - Check Out Her Emotional Post
Credit: BET

Eva Marcille is one of the celebrities who decided to honor Breonna Taylor for her birthday. She was supposed to be 27 years old. Here's the post that Eva shared on her social media account.

'SAY HER NAME 💔 In honor of Breonna Taylor’s 27th birthday today, we are calling for justice to be served. Please hit the link in my bio to sign the petition ❤️Breonna was an essential worker murdered at the height of a pandemic in her HOME. She was killed by police with a barrage of bullets that struck her atleast 8 times. They were executing a no-knock warrant for another suspect that was already in their custody. The FBI finally opened an investigation into her shooting today, but no officers have been arrested, charged, or even disciplined yet,' Eva began her post.

She continued and said: 'When we say #blacklivesmatter, that must include Black women & Black LGBTQ+ lives, too. Use your voice for them just like you did for #GeorgeFloyd. Donate, protest, petition and DEMAND #JusticeforBreonnaTaylor (link in my bio for some resources). #allblacklivesmatter #breonnataylor #sayhername #birthdayforbreonna (Repost @stylenbeautydoc).'

A follower posted: 'Thank you for amplifying our message!'

Someone else wrote: 'Thank you for sharing our message in honor of Breonna Taylor.'

One other Instagrammer posted this message: 'Love the sight of all these beautiful black Queens 👸🏽♥️👸🏽♥️👸🏽 R.I.P to Breonna Taylor 🙏🏽🙏🏽 I have to mention, it’s interesting and sad that different races are just now taking a stance when this racism and hatred towards black ppl has been going on for a VERY long time. It’s just gotten worse. Nonetheless, this post and my comment is about Breonna Taylor 🙏🏽'

Other than this, Eva told her fans that her husband, Mike Sterling is committed to assist the peaceful protesters . She could not be prouder of her husband these days.


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