Josh McKee Finally Responds To Mackenzie McKee's Cheating Accusations!

Josh McKee Finally Responds To Mackenzie McKee's Cheating Accusations!
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Earlier this month, Mackenzie McKee took to her Facebook page to accuse Josh McKee of cheating on her and now, the Teen Mom star finally broke his silence on her claims. Here's what the man had to say!

The father of two shared a picture that featured a quote reading: 'Better worry about your own sins, cause God ain't gonna ask you about mine. I'm just here for the comments.'

Well, speaking of comments, fans were quick to notice the one he himself wrote next!

'People, I've been through the ringer being on that damn show, this is nothing new to me. I get it you're all pissed at the fact of what you read on the internet or see on TV. 'Ok?' But if you're going to come at me with what little you really know, know your damn facts! And know that this isn't a one sided ball game,' he stated.

As for Mackenzie, in her post she had made it clear that she was ready to put an end to their marriage.

This came after the woman found out her husband was supposedly cheating on her with none other than her own 'close cousin' Ashley!

The obviously upset woman wrote that the two had torn her family apart since it was not just Josh hurting her but her cousin as well!

Not to mention that she learned about the alleged affair only weeks after the passing of her mom so it's safe to say that it all hit her ten times harder!

According to Mackenzie, while she was still mourning, Josh started to be more and more distant and even made her feel like 'a freak for crying and being depressed.'

'I'm now opening my eyes to what a horrible man Josh has been. He has been a lie,' she said after noting how shocked she was to learn he was sleeping with a member of her own family!


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