NeNe Leakes Is Dragged For Saying This In The Midst Of The Unrest And Outrage Following The Killing Of George Floyd

NeNe Leakes Is Dragged For Saying This In The Midst Of The  Unrest And Outrage Following The Killing Of George Floyd
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The Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes found herself in some hot water after she decided to share her thoughts on the protests and riots taking place in America, more specifically in Atlanta.

Millions of people have been taking to streets every night to call for the end of police brutality and racism after the viral video of Derek Chauvin, a former Minneapolis, Minnesota police officer kneeling for 8 minutes on the neck of a black man named George Floyd.

Floyd later died, and the unrest and outrage throughout the country forced authorities to charge the cop with third-degree murder and manslaughter.

NeNe, like many business owners, said that protesters should march peacefully and not destroy black stores and restaurants.

The actress and comedian wrote: "Atlanta is BLACK POWER #stoptheviolence
When things like this happen, I just never know what to say or do! I will literally be lost for words and afraid to say anything but hear this...DONT come on my page talking ignorant, which is why I wasn't posting on my page about the things happening but put them in my stories instead...The enemy wants us to burn down our neighborhoods! Don't fall for it! DONT turn down the energy either...TRANSFORM IT! Organize & Protect the city! Good intentions here, ok! #stoptheviolence #onelove #weallwegot #georgefloyd"

People are not happy about the message and slammed the reality TV star.

One person had this to say: "A lot of the celebrities were supporting the violent protests and looting that happened in MN, but they do not have that same energy when it happens in their backyard."

This follower bashed her by saying: "Girl, just reorder that $10 dress from China and price gouge and charge your BLACK customers $200 as you do. And some of those blacks work with and work for white people who continue to oppress us, pledge your allegiance to be black first."

Another Instagrammer revealed: "Black Businesses gotta go back to the 60s & Place the 'This A BLACK OWNED BUSINESS sign in the Windows!!! Board your shxt up! Hire a group of Protesters that will peacefully stand in front! #NoJusticeNOPEACE"

This backer explained: "Lol it's definitely about your boutique, y'all stay in your gated communities and want to tell people that are oppressed how to react, do y'all think black slaves got freed cos they politely asked? Hundreds of thousands died for the freedom we have today, I wish it didn't get to this, but you will never get what you want from the white man peacefully, history should have taught us that. Is there a go fund me for the protester's bail? I need to pay."

NeNe is getting a lot of attention with her stance here.

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