Joseline Hernandez Goes Ballistic On Other Exotic Dancer In New Clip From Joseline's Cabaret Miami

Joseline Hernandez Goes Ballistic On Other Exotic Dancer In New Clip From Joseline's Cabaret Miami
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Joseline Hernandez has a new TV show called Joseline's Cabaret Miami, and a new preview clip of the episode was revealed in which the reality star's problems with another cast member was on display. BET reported on the video clip which shows Joseline trying to make a new gentleman's club succeed using her prior experience as a dancer.

The outlet claims Hernandez's authoritative position over other women at the club created an obvious rift. The preview clip of the reality star features her saying: "B*tch, I'm gonna drag you, h*e. I'm gonna drag you all around the booty club, h*e."

The clip goes on to show the reality star getting into a shouting match with another woman. Amid their verbal altercation, Hernandez then says that the other women are fired and kicked out of the club. The producer, Tamika, tries to get more information from the exotic dancer but that doesn't go over well either.

Hernandez says to her to "stop going back with the bulls** question, Tamika." Hernandez's difficult situation with raising her kids with Stevie J might be the reason why she's feeling so stressed at work lately.

On the 19th of March, Rob Collins reported that Hernandez and Stevie J were really struggling to make it work. The Shade Room was the first to pick up on a video featuring a clip from Marriage Boot Camp. Hernandez is shown crying after learning that Steve won custody of their daughter, Bonnie Bella.

A person in TSR's comments argued that Stevie wasn't even the one who wanted the child originally. He just fought for custody as a way to spite Hernandez. Other commenters claimed there was no denying that Joseline becoming a mother was a big part of her maturation over the last few years.

It's clear the fan reaction to the incident was mixed, with some people arguing that Stevie was too obsessive over women, while others claimed that it was great to see Joseline more in the episodes rather than Stevie.

Fans of the show know that Joseline and Stevie J's relationship has been tumultuous, to say the least, but it got even worse when their custody battle began.


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