Joseline Hernandez Gets really Emotional As She Learns That Stevie J Won Custody Of Bonnie Bella On 'Marriage Boot Camp'

Joseline Hernandez Gets really Emotional As She Learns That Stevie J Won Custody Of Bonnie Bella On 'Marriage Boot Camp'
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Joseline Hernandez and  Stevie J have had a really hard time as parents. The Shade Room reveals the video, which shows an episode of Marriage Boot Camp.

In the emotional clip, Joseline learns that Stevie won custody of their daughter, Bonnie Bella. Check it out below.

Someone said: 'Stevie didn’t even want the baby now he’s trying to make her life a living hell cause she doesn’t want him anymore! She was a good mother, that baby changed her for the better.. so sad 😞'

A follower said: 'you can’t deny she is a better woman because her daughter his her purpose, Joseline really leveled up when she became a mum.'

Someone else posted this: 'this is what most do so they don’t have to pay child support!!! Or they will try to file for joint custody,' and a follower wrote: 'why is it sad that a father has custody of his child.... y’all sound bitter.'

One commenter posted this: 'so a good mother would lie and say her father was touching her,' and a person posted: 'Okay but this made me tear up a little hearing the hurt in her voice was sad.🥺'

One commenter said: 'Poor Joseline, Stevie is so weird. He is obsessive over these women. Move on with faith.'

Another follower of TSR wrote: 'I love Joseline, but this season she’s more self-reflecting & we get to see more of HER rather than her & STEVIE. Without him, I see why his concerns were towards her as a mother, but that doesn’t make her a BAD MOTHER.'

Someone else had this to say: 'FYI: This was taped a while ago, they currently have joint custody.'

A fan responded with: 'That man still has full custody he said joint not to make her look bad she can’t have full custody she is going a lot with her shows and clubbing still you can see that how many times do you see her with Bonnie, Stevie always have Bonnie and posting her she dies see her but he still has full custody with him she is with siblings and a better environment for now maybe when Jose settle down more she can get her baby back full custody and I’m not about to argue with nobody because it is what it is.'

What do you think about the situation between these two?

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