Jordyn Woods 'Likes' Kylie Jenner's New Photos -- Fans Are Sure The Friends Talked The Drama Over

Jordyn Woods 'Likes' Kylie Jenner's New Photos -- Fans Are Sure The Friends Talked The Drama Over
Credit: Source: People

The receipts just keep on coming that allude to the possibility that Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods may have rekindled their broken friendship. The 21-year-old 'liked' photos of Kylie's baecation which, in this day and era, is a pretty big deal.

The world seemingly stopped when it was revealed that Jordyn Woods hooked up with Khloe Kardashian's baby daddy Tristan Thompson. That one fateful kiss set off a chain of events that no one could have expected.

From appearing on 'Red Table Talk' to getting called a liar by Khloe, Jordyn has been through the wringer. One person who has been nearly radio silent on the entire situation is one of the people it affected the most.

Kylie had Jordyn move out of her guesthouse and find her own place to live. Since then, she has been hanging out with Heather Sanders and focusing on repairing her own relationship issues with baby daddy Travis Scott.

The rapper and his billionaire wifey took a trip away from all of the drama and Kylie decided to share some photos of the lavish vacation. After weeks of minimal Instagram interaction with the famous family -- Jordyn Woods 'liked' some of her former BFF's Instagram posts.

This comes after her mother, Elizabeth Woods, commented hearts under a post of Stormi Webster. This has caused fans to believe that Kylie and Jordyn have talked it out.

"Did you guys see how Jordyn liked Kylie's new pic? Those two were friends for nearly a decade they can't just stop because Tristan can't keep it in his pants."

"Jordyn and Kylie must've talked the drama over because now she is liking Kylie's pics. Friends are forever."

"I really hope Kylie and Jordy get through this because this wasn't that big of a deal to end a friendship. It was Tristan's fault anyway and Khloe is the immature one for blaming another young woman for Tristan's actions."

What do you think the status of Kylie and Jordyn's relationship is?


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