Jordyn Woods Does The Craziest Thing In Her Dubai Trip - See The Video

Jordyn Woods Does The Craziest Thing In Her Dubai Trip - See The Video
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Jordyn Woods is currently in Dubai, most likely on a business trip. She mentioned her fitness brand once while she was telling fans that she's on a flight to Dubai, and that's why a lot of people assumed that this is one of the reasons for which she's there.

She made sure to keep her fans updated on what she's up to there, and she posted all kinds of pics and videos on her social media account.

The latest clip that she posted is a pretty wild one, and you can also check it out below.

'I probably will never do this again 😂 I know I’m crazy for even being here, but the scream and the braids.. best caption wins,' Jordyn captioned her post.

People found all kinds of captions for this video as you will see below.

Someone said: 'This looks like the slide god uses when he’s kicking you outta heaven,' and another follower posted this: '

One other follower posted: 'God kicking me out of Heaven when he finds out I didn’t forward that email 17 years ago. 🥴' and a commenter wrote: 'When you thought you were going to heaven but the door opened to hell.'

Someone else said: 'Here come the "sliding in the DMS like" comments 😂' and a fan wrote this: 'Me trying to get away from this coronavirus.'

Another fan thought about this caption: 'When you said you wouldn’t fall for him but he drags you down with him.'

Someone else said: 'This side is confusing does it take you underwater. Looks like fun.'

One follower posted this: 'But also this is what shooting my shot feels like as a Libra 😂 Sliding into DM’s couldn’t be any more accurate than this video lol.'

It really seems that Jordyn is having a lot of fun and she's living her best life despite the whole coronavirus drama all over the world.

How would you have captioned Jordyn's video?

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