KUWK: A Worried Kim Kardashian Calls The Doctor After Witnessing Sister Khloe Cough Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic!

KUWK: A Worried Kim Kardashian Calls The Doctor After Witnessing Sister Khloe Cough Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic!
Credit: Source: youtube.com

Amid the whole Coronavirus pandemic, it looks like Kim Kardashian is panicking! The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has made sure to take all the measures possible to ensure that she and the rest of her family remain healthy so when her sister Khloe did nothing more than cough, she immediately called a doctor!

Kim has been playing an active role in informing her millions of fans on social media as well, posting on IG Stories things like how they should be greeting each other to avoid the virus but also a clip of how she was cleaning a present from Khloe to her young ones!

Speaking of Khloe, it was enough for her to cough in her sister’s presence for Kim to immediately call the doctor to the house.

Not only that but she also documented the process, sharing footage on her Instagram Stories that showed the physician at her house.

‘So we have a doctor here, and we are going to show the new way to say hello. You shouldn't do elbows because you cough into your elbows,’ she mentioned.

Then, she asked the medical specialist to help her with something that had been on her mind.

‘So Doc. Khloe handed this [gift] to me but I do not want to touch it,’ she said about the present from Khloe.

Kim even asked for Clorox wipes, proceeding to clean the whole surface of the present auntie Khloe had sent her kids.

The issue was that, as she told the doctor, Kim had seen Khloe cough before handing her the gift.

Obviously, the mother of 4 was very worried about her kids getting sick in case Khloe is ill as well.

This also comes after Kim shared an eerily accurate prediction by a psychic that said ‘In around 2020 a severe pneumonia like illness will spread around the globe, attacking the lungs and bronchial tubes and resisting all of the known treatments. Almost more baffling than the illness in itself will be the fact that it'll suddenly vanish as quickly as it came, attack again 10 years later, and then disappear completely.’

Obviously shocked, Kim mentioned in the caption that Kourtney had sent that prediction to her on their group chat.


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