Jonas Brothers To Have A Comeback - Details!

Jonas Brothers To Have A Comeback - Details!
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According to new reports, the Jonas brothers are currently planning to have a comeback together as a band after no less than six years since their disbandment! Not only that but it turns out that they will also change the name of the group!

One insider report by Us Weekly dished all of that, and also revealed that for their epic reunion, Kevin, Joe, and Nick would be dropping the ‘Brothers’ part of their old boy band name and simply be called JONAS instead!

Another source, this time for The Sun, also revealed that the trio met in London not too long ago, to discuss their big comeback.

Speaking of, they will apparently not only release new music, but are also set to drop a documentary!

‘After enjoying solo music success and also taking time to work on passion projects, they feel like now's the right time to get back together,’ the insider told the news outlet.

As fans know, the speculations that a reunion was on its way started at the beginning of last year due to the fact that their old Instagram account went live again after so many years!

Regardless, Nick was quick to ruin his fans’ dreams by denying the rumors.

‘I mean, it is not happening right now. Never say never. I think there is some great things happening in all our lives individually still and we're all focusing on that at the moment,’ he told W magazine.

All in all, he did say ‘never say never’ and that everyone was focusing on something else at the time.

But that was also one year ago, so it seems like the plan may have changed if the rumors are true!

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