R & B Singer Tinashe Splits From Record Contract With RCA

R & B Singer Tinashe Splits From Record Contract With RCA
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According to a report from Rolling Stone Magazine, R & B singer, Tinashe, has officially called off her business relationship with the record label, RCA. Her longtime manager, Mike Nazzaro, confirmed to the music outlet that she was getting out of her contract.

Nazzaro said "she wasn't dropped," contrary to some of the reports going around on social media and on the internet. Mike claims he and Tinashe began the legal process for release, and it was a good decision for her, allowing Tinashe creative freedom once again.

In a YouTube video in 2012, Tinashe claimed she was signing a record contract with RCA. The star signed with the major label for her record, released in 2014, Aquarius . The album featured her big single, "2 On," which went on to earn a platinum certification.

And two years later, Tinashe put out a new mixtape called, Nightride , and two years after that, she released her second album titled, Joyride, which featured other big names like Little Dragon and Future. Speaking with Rolling Stone in 2016, the star said that she had "creative differences" with the label.

Speaking with Lena Dunham in an interview shortly after, Tinashe said she had to release a song despite not wanting to. The star said she didn't like the lyrics but had to sing it anyway. Speaking with Rolling Stone, Nazzaro claims the separation between herself and RCA was "respectful."

Nazzaro claims he and his client are currently deciding on who to partner with and whether they'll even partner with someone in the first place.

For years, musicians and entertainers have complained of restricting record contracts in which record deals take advantage of young artists, including persuading them to give up publishing rights, the rights that ensure a paycheck years into the future if the artist tops the charts.

In an interview with Rick Beato, Steve Vai, the legendary guitar player and longtime collaborator with Frank Zappa, claims the best piece advice Frank ever gave him was to always keep publishing rights. However, up and coming artists are normally unaware of what recording contracts entail and the financial/legal consequences of them.

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