Johnny Depp Submits Declaration In His Own Words Amid Amber Heard Lawsuit - Says Her Bruises Were 'Painted On' And More!

Johnny Depp Submits Declaration In His Own Words Amid Amber Heard Lawsuit - Says Her Bruises Were 'Painted On' And More!
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After filing a $50 million defamation lawsuit against his former wife, Amber Heard, Johnny Depp finally submitted a declaration, not in his legal team’s words but in his own! The actor insists that he is innocent of the domestic abuse accusations against him and swears to vehemently deny them for the rest of his life!

The Blast was the publication to obtain Johnny’s declaration, and to publish it earlier today!

Depp started by explaining the reason why he filed the lawsuit, saying that it was ‘not only to clear my name and to restore my reputation, but also to attempt to bring clarity to all the women and men whose lives have been harmed by abuse and who've been lied to repeatedly by Ms. Heard as their spokesperson.’

As you may be aware, the actress wrote in a Washington Post op-ed from December of last year, that she ‘became a public figure representing domestic abuse.’

However, she carefully avoided using her ex-husband’s name, even though it was very obvious what she was referring to.

Johnny went on to make it very clear that the bruises Amber was photographed with back in May of 2016, after leaving court, days following her divorce filing, were ‘painted on.’

‘I've denied Heard’s allegations since she first made them in May 2016 when she walked into court to obtain a restraining order with painted on bruises that witnesses and surveillance footage show she didn't have each day of the preceding week. I'll continue to deny them for the rest of my life. I never abused Heard or any other woman.’

The actor also mentioned that he has strong evidence to prove all of the Aquaman actress’ accusations are not true.

In other words, he wrote that her ‘lies are internally inconsistent, shifting, and contradicted by overwhelming testimonial, photographic, audio, video, and other evidence.’

When it comes to domestic violence however, Johnny claims that there is proof for it but that she was the perpetrator and not him!

Johnny wrote that while mixing a variety of prescription pills with alcohol, she would violently attack him, sometimes in the presence of other people, meaning that he has a number of witnesses who can testify.

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  • LYNX
    LYNX Jun 16, 2019 9:04 PM PDT

    The real reason she drags this loaf of baloney around as her badge and asks the public to support her on her quest to destroy the man she married is she can't make it on her own and will only be remembered by her public attack of someone beloved by us. This is a problem between a man and a woman, that were married. It affects no one but them, but because he fascinates us we listen to her, yet she was basically an unknown as an actor before her hoax, in which only her friends support her. Only her friends. Oh- and of course, her housekeeper. Anyone can fill her shoes and what defeats her is Johnny Depp's individuality which defies her attempts to define him by her barrage of deceit. He is winning because no one knows her except for her hate campaign against him. Her handful of insignificant roles can't stand up to his mountain of work. when all she does is cry wolf for her supper.

  • Lyn
    Lyn May 21, 2019 4:41 AM PDT

    I believe he is telling the truth and always has done. Her "terms of events" have always contradicted each other, like she's making it up as she's going along for the fear factor. Making sure to add as much detail as possible for public sympathy. Yet all photo's of her during their relationship have proven she to be fresh faced and healthy looking. Where as he always looked tired, depressed & fearful, to the stage he was stuttering during interviews or he avoided them completely. She is indeed the perpetrator of abuse. She has fabricated her entire deposition & has simply reversed the roles against him. It's time we STOP rewarding abusers & allowing them to parade around as if they own the show. We need to take away the mind set that abuse only happens to women. Women are equally capable of abuse. It's time to take her off her pedestal she has wrongly been placed on & restore Johnny's reputation & give him the justice he deserves.

    • EVA
      EVA May 22, 2019 4:26 AM PDT

      My thoughts exactly. Thank you for wording it so well

  • Rodscull
    Rodscull May 20, 2019 6:44 PM PDT

    The truth always comes out in the end; and when it does, people will see who the real abuser and liar is.

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