Johnny Depp Insists He's 'No Wife-Beater' On The Final Day Of His Trial Against The Sun

Johnny Depp Insists He's 'No Wife-Beater' On The Final Day Of His Trial Against The Sun
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Page Six learned today that Johnny Depp , the Secret Window star, showed up to the UK court this Tuesday with his hands pressed together as if he were in prayer. His lawyer said today that his client was "no wife-beater," as the actor presses on in his court dispute with The Sun.

Depp and his legal team have argued that he was merely set up by Amber Heard, whom he has described as the true instigator in their tumultuous relationship. Reportedly, the 57-year-old actor was met by a crowd of fans this week as he went to the UK courthouse.

The outlet says the Pirates of the Caribbean actor didn't go to Monday's summation of accusations. Fans reportedly screamed at him as he walked up to the courthouse, with many people chanting, "Justice for Johnny," and others holding up signs in support of him.

The libel case against The Sun has been described as one of the biggest British libel cases of the 21st century. Regarding the actor's final statement, David Sherborne stood before the court and proclaimed his client's innocence.

According to David, Mr. Depp hasn't "hit a woman in his entire life." The lawyer also cited the lack of violent behavior from Depp toward other women from his past.

As followers of the case know, Depp's former partners, Winona Ryder, and Vanessa Paradis described Johnny as one of the kindest people they ever knew, the type of person who would never hurt another.

Sherborne also commented on the "complexity" of Amber Heard, stating that it was a challenge to "keep up" with the numerous accusations she made up out of thin air to prove her case. Moreover, Heard accused Depp of once pushing Kate Moss down a flight of stairs, which David says never happened.

More importantly, Sherborne argued, the supermodel has never come out with this story herself. Regarding Amber's personal journal which purports to confirm the allegations against him, Depp's lawyer said it read more like a "novella" than an accurate depiction of reality.

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