Johnny Depp Defends His Latest Dior Ad For 'Sauvage' Following Backlash Over Native Portrayal

Johnny Depp Defends His Latest Dior Ad For 'Sauvage' Following Backlash Over Native Portrayal
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After the latest Dior ad featuring Johnny Depp, many people were outraged, accusing the brand of cultural appropriation because of the way the natives were depicted in it. However, the actor does not agree.

Depp, who stars in the newest ad for the Sauvage perfume line, defended it while chatting with the Hollywood Reporter at the Deauville Film Festival.

The video that got so much backlash features the famous actor in the desert, playing the guitar while Canku One Star of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe can also be seen wearing traditional Native American garments and performing a warrior dance.

While Dior reacted to the criticism by deleting the ad, Johnny held his ground, sharing his personal opinion on it.

‘A teaser is obviously a very concentrated version of images and there were some objections to the teaser of the small film. The film's never been seen. There was never any dishonorable [intentions]. The film was made with great respect for the indigenous people and not just of North America but from all over the world,’ Depp said referring to the ad as well as the ‘We Are the Land’ campaign.

He went on to also tell the news outlet that ‘It's a pity that people jumped the gun and made these objections. However, their objections are their objections.’

As fans may know, Johnny Depp has been the face of Christian Dior Fragrances ever since June of 2015.

The actor explained that a decision regarding the ad is yet to be taken.

‘I can assure you no one has a reason to just go out to attempt to exploit. It was a film made out of respect and with respect and love for the Native American peoples in order to bring light to them. They have not had the greatest amount of help from the United States government. The idea's as pure as it ever was, so we'll come to an agreement so that everybody is happy.’

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