Camila Mendes Gets Emotional As She Reveals She Was 'Roofied' And Assaulted In College

Camila Mendes Gets Emotional As She Reveals She Was 'Roofied' And Assaulted In College
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Camila Mendes has a beautiful tattoo that reads ‘to build a home’ and it means a lot to her. In fact, there is a sad story behind it that the Riverdale actress shared during a new interview for Women’s Health magazine.

Apparently, Camila got drugged and sexually assaulted while she was in her freshman year at New York University.

After moving over 12 times as a child, Camila grew up to want nothing more than to make a home for herself.

That desire became even stronger within her after surviving an assault while in college.

Chatting with the magazine, she explained the trauma that inspired the ‘to build a home’ tattoo she has on her ribcage.

‘I got the tattoo after my freshman year. I had a very, very bad experience; I was roofied by someone who sexually assaulted me,’ the actress confessed as she blinked back tears.

The terrible attack made her promise herself that from that point on, ‘everything in her life would make her feel safe and comfortable.’

This is what she thinks ‘an ideal physical home,’ should be like.

The way Camila managed to achieve this is apparently by creating routines in her packed schedule.

‘If you don’t have that literal box, you have to create it in your habits.’

It’s something she apparently applied by checking in at the same hotels, visiting the same cafes and also going to the same Pilates and yoga classes while on the road, traveling.

Currently, Camila is very happy and in love with her boyfriend and Riverdale co-star Charles Melton.

The two have been together for a year, a milestone they celebrated not too long ago.

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