Johnny Depp Claims That His Ex-Wife Amber Heard Broke His Middle Finger's Bones - Court Documents Surface

Johnny Depp Claims That His Ex-Wife Amber Heard Broke His Middle Finger's Bones - Court Documents Surface
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More than two years have already passed since Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have ended the divorce proceedings. Their split was not friendly at all, and a lot of accusations have been thrown by both parties involved.

Most people already know that Amber accused Depp of abusing her both verbally and physically.

Now, it seems that the drama is still going on and the online magazine Hollywood Life is here with the latest reports.

Now, Johnny is suing Amber for defamation and the publication mentioned above managed to put their hands on the court documents which frankly seem pretty shocking, to say the least.

The actor is accusing Amber of being violent throughout their relationship.

'In one particularly gruesome episode that occurred only one month into their marriage,' according to the court documents, 'Ms. Heard shattered the bones in the top of Mr. Depp’s right middle finger, almost completely cutting it off. Ms. Heard threw a glass vodka bottle at Mr. Depp – one of many projectiles that she launched at him in this and other instances.'

The documents continue and describe that 'The bottle shattered as it came into contact with Mr. Depp’s hand, and the broken glass and impact severed and shattered Mr. Depp’s finger. Mr. Depp’s finger had to be surgically reattached.'

According to the documents, Amber claimed back then that Johnny had done this to himself, causing his own injury. A lot of horrible things happened between these two that's for sure.

Not too long ago, it has also been reported that the actor accused Amber of having an affair with Elon Musk from the very beginning . Ouch!

Supposedly, Amber and the Tesla founder have begun an affair only one month after she had tied the knot with Johnny.

Before this report got out, it was believed that Amber and Musk only dated for a little while after she and Johnny were over.

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