Jessica Simpson 'Doesn't Care' What Ex John Mayer Thinks Of Her New Memoir

Jessica Simpson 'Doesn't Care' What Ex John Mayer Thinks Of Her New Memoir
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Fans of Jessica Simpson know she has been all over the headlines for the last few days on account of her promotional tour for her new book, Open Book, which explores some of the more tumultuous events in her life.

Page Six reported that Mr. Mayer should likely get ready for Jessica to spill the beans on their relationship. Jessica reveals all about her life in Open Book , including her challenges with sexual abuse as a young girl in addition to her addiction to pills and alcohol.

Furthermore, the outlet claims Jessica really dives into the details of her romance with the Continuum artist. During a chat with the New York Times, the 39-year-old revealed that she never actually spoke with John about the book, despite the fact he appears in it frequently.

"I don't think he'll be shocked," Jessica explained to the New York Times, adding that Mayer already has heard all of the stories in the memoir. Reportedly, the NYT asked Jessica how he would feel about her accusation that John wanted to use their relationship publicity to his advantage.

Jessica said she didn't care how he felt about it either way. One of the more interesting aspects of her memoir, at least from what we know thus far, is that it was actually Jessica's therapist who convinced her that Mayer really didn't love her.

Her therapist held the belief that John was simply obsessed with Jessica, and there wasn't really love there. Since her split with Mayer, Jessica has been married to Eric Johnson since 2014. They have three kids together. Before then, Simpson was married to Nick Lachey for four years from 2002 until 2006.

Open Book is out on the 4th of February. Earlier today, Nick Markus reported that Jessica also discussed how Nick Lachey reported begged her to stay with him.

Initially, Jessica explained, she wanted to get divorced but Nick refused and instead opted for marriage counseling. Jessica claims Nick begged and pleaded for her not to leave, so she was willing to give it another chance.

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