Jess Hilarious Says That Her Scene On Love And Hip Hop Is Staged And Scripted: 'I Was Lying Through My Teeth'

Jess Hilarious Says That Her Scene On Love And Hip Hop Is Staged And Scripted: 'I Was Lying Through My Teeth'
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This season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood heavily surrounds Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz announcing to their friends that they're in a relationship. After viral comedian Jess Hilarious appeared on the show, she took to Instagram to let her followers know it wasn't authentic.

During the last episode, Moniece Slaughter released audio of Jess Hilarious talking about her friend, Apryl Jones, and her relationship with Fizz.

In the exposed voice notes, Jess claimed that Apryl told Fizz that she was interested in another man and she uses Fizz to watch her kids while helping her out.

Apryl felt betrayed by Jess who made an appearance to apologize. The two squashed the beef, but fans took to social media bashing Jess for her words about her friends.

It also seemed as though Jess felt betrayed by Moniece for releasing the messages and boosting her up to say certain things

After the show aired, the actress wanted to set the record straight via Instagram Stories.


'I do not have a problem with Moniece! We're actually cool. The #LHHH scene was very stage and somewhat scripted, but ya’ll knew that already. There was a conversation held between April and I of what we would both say. I was very over it! Because I had already apologized to tha girl earlier that day about the voice messages. Hours later she asked me to do a scene on love and hip-hop as a start to reconcile our friendship,' the now-expired explanation started.

She continued with: 'Believe me I had doubts about doing it as she can tell y'all but I was very wrong for doing what I did and felt bad. So I agreed. Because my fans know who I am in and out they knew that I was lying through my teeth and they also could see that I was not excited to do the scene which is why I did not tell anybody I was doing the f****** show.'

She went on to say that she and Apryl are no longer friends.


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