Apryl Jones Slammed For Video Of Her Kids Playing On A Stripper Pole

Apryl Jones Slammed For Video Of Her Kids Playing On A Stripper Pole
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Apryl Jones came under attack from some of her fans after her children were spotted dancing on a stripper pole in the background of an Instagram Live video.

The Shade Room recently picked up on a video clip of Apryl Jones showing off her dance moves, however, viewers couldn't help but notice what was happening in the background of the video.

This wouldn't be the first time Apryl has shown off her stripper pole, however, fans took particular issue with the fact that her kids were playing on it. Social media users took Jones to task for supposedly influencing her children in an overly sexualized way.

While others, however, argued that her children were merely playing around on the pole. It's their own perception of the pole that is the problem rather than the act itself.

Whether it was wrong or not, this wouldn't be the first time that Apryl Jones has been in the headlines. In the past, Jones chose to discuss her brutal breakup from the singer-songwriter, Omarion, and she didn't hold back any of her views.

Jones had a starring role on the popular reality series, Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood, and her romance and family life made for great television. Love and Hip Hop fans widely considered Apryl's relationship with Omarion as one of the best and most entertaining.

For that reason, their split was particularly disappointing for many of the show's viewers. Omarion, however, received the brunt of the criticism when fans accused him of being a dead beat dad. Not long after, Apryl started dating Fizz, Omarion's bandmate.

In a new interview, Apryl trashed Omarion, saying that she was in a "terrible space in 2016." The reality star said that Omarion one day decided to leave without explaining why. She had to take care of their kids and hold the family together all by herself, and it was hard for her.

Jones said, "I ended up being sleep deprived and dehydrated" due to breastfeeding her child. Her children came before her own health, and while it was necessary at the time, she paid the price for it with her own wellbeing.

Jones has also been in the headlines for her thoughts on Omarion's mother, who she clearly doesn't like either. 

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