Vicki Gunvalson Thinks Kelly Dodd's Whirlwind Engagement Is For Her RHOC ‘Storyline’ And ‘It’s Irresponsible’

Vicki Gunvalson Thinks Kelly Dodd's Whirlwind Engagement Is For Her RHOC ‘Storyline’ And ‘It’s Irresponsible’
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Kelly Dodd’s whirlwind engagement seemingly got her Real Housewives of Orange County co-star Vicki Gunvalson suspicious of the real reason why she hurried into making such a big commitment. Apparently, the latter believes her fellow cast member took that step for the sake of her storyline on the show!

Did Kelly really get engaged just to stay relevant on RHOC or is she really in love and convinced she’d found the one?

Regardless of what the truth may be, Vicki did not hold anything back when it was time for her to express her opinion on the matter.

After all, the OG is well known for being outspoken and unreserved so it’s no surprise she came for her co-star like that.

Kelly was in a short relationship with Rick Leventhal before they took it to the next level by getting engaged.

As a result, Vicki is just baffled!

While in attendance at BravoCon, she told HollywoodLife that ‘I don’t understand it. Is it a storyline? Is it because she has to be with him like, in a marriage situation, right away? She’d known him three months? I don’t understand that. What’s the rush? I mean, it’s a very responsible thing to do, to be married. She’s has a 13-year-old daughter. I don’t believe Rick has ever spent a lot of time with [daughter] Jolie, if at all.’

The celeb mentioned that it was 'none of her business,' however, only addressing the situation because she was asked about it.

She went on to add that ‘If my mother got re-married and I was 13, I’d want to know who she’s marrying and spend time with them. I don’t understand the rush. I don’t understand the motive, I don’t understand the rush. I mean, she just started dating him. She already asked Brian last season if she could get married. She wants to get married, so did I, but we are almost four years in. Personally, I think, it is irresponsible.'


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