Jeffrey Epstein Scandal - Did Prince Andrew's BBC Interview Give The FBI 'Ammunition' To Prosecute Him?

Jeffrey Epstein Scandal - Did Prince Andrew's BBC Interview Give The FBI 'Ammunition' To Prosecute Him?
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Prince Andrew sat down with Newsnight host Emily Maitlis this past weekend for his first televised interview in the wake of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, and experts say that just because Prince Andrew is a royal, that doesn’t mean he is above the law. Did Prince Andrew’s answers in the interview give the FBI enough “ammunition” for prosecution in the United States?

According to The Daily Mail, lawyers have warned that Prince Andrew is “not immune to prosecution,” and there is a chance he could be extradited to the United States over Virginia Roberts’ allegations that he had sex with her on three different occasions when she was just 17 years old.

Anna Rothwell from criminal law firm Corker Binning said that anyone involved in the FBI’s investigation into Epstein is “vulnerable to extradition.” She added that Prince Andrew’s royal status does not make him untouchable, and his recent interview made things worse for him because it “starkly exposed the closeness of his relationship” with Epstein, who was a convicted sex offender.

Ben Keith - a London barrister who specializes in extradition cases - says that Prince Andrew’s interview gave the FBI “ammunition” for prosecution.

“Extradition to the US is difficult to resist, especially since the allegations did not take place in the UK,” said Keith.

The Duke of York’s interview did not go over well in most circles, with many criticizing both his words and demeanor. Not only did the royal appear to have zero remorse for his friendship with Epstein (he called Epstein's pedophilia "unbecoming"), but he appeared to have a lack of sympathy for the victims.

He also denied Roberts’ allegations, and said he doesn’t remember meeting her even though there is photographic evidence of the two together. And he refuted her claims that he smelled and was “sweaty” by saying that it’s impossible for him to sweat because of a medical condition he has after his time in the Falklands War.

Prince Andrew also denied having any knowledge of Epstein’s illegal activity with underage girls.

Attorney Gloria Allred - who represents other alleged victims of Epstein - said on Good Morning Britain : “I don't see how he could have not known that there were underage girls - minors. Because he did visit homes of Mr Epstein in New York, in Palm Beach, in the Virgin Islands; and I happen to know there were underage girls in all of those locations.”


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