Jeffrey Epstein Had 13 Numbers To Reach Prince Andrew New Reports Claim

Jeffrey Epstein Had 13 Numbers To Reach Prince Andrew New Reports Claim
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According to a report from the Sunday Times Of London, it appears as though Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew knew each other quite well. In fact, a new report claims that Jeffrey had not one but 13 phone numbers for the sake of getting into contact with the British royal family member.

Detective Mike Fisten, who investigated Jeffrey Epstein for approximately ten years, found an address book at the billionaire's home at his Palm Beach mansion. It was a "treasure trove of Jeffrey's activities," claimed the detective to the Sunday Times Of London.

Mike said to the outlet that the journal really took Jeffrey outside of Florida and all over the world, in terms of where they were able to track his activity. The detective added that in his book when looking at the section of London, you could pinpoint that he had Buckingham Palace on the list.

Mr. Fister noted there were "13 phone numbers to contact the duke." As the world knows, Jeffrey Epstein killed himself in the final month of summer after being charged with a plethora of very serious crimes, including the sex trafficking of women and girls, one of which was 14-years-old.

Bringing this all back around to Prince Andrew, one of the victims in question, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, claimed she had to have sexual relations with Prince Andrew - a claim which the prince has vehemently denied.

Regardless, since Epstein's death, there has been widespread speculation both in the mainstream press, in alternative media, and on social media that the billionaire was killed in his jail cell.

While the explanations for his death are largely speculatory, it appears as though Mr. Epstein knew Prince Andrew more than the Duke would like to admit.

Jeffrey died on the 10th of August at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City. According to the New York Medical Examiner, Mr. Epstein died from asphyxiation by hanging. Reportedly, there were two malfunctioning cameras monitoring Mr. Epstein and two security guards who fell asleep while they were supposed to be watching him.

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