Jeannie Mai Puts Her Telephone Number In This Video For This Reason -- Critics Make Wild Accusations, And She Claps Back Hard

Jeannie Mai Puts Her Telephone Number In This Video For This Reason -- Critics Make Wild Accusations, And She Claps Back Hard
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Jeannie Mai has reached out to her millions of fans on social media during the economic crisis due to the coronavirus to share tips on how they can save money.

The host of The Real told fans to cancel memberships at clubs and gyms they can no longer go to and talk to their banks to push back credit card payments.

She also gave out a phone number so she can stay in touch with her backers.

The media personality explained: "Anyone trippen on bills 😩?? Hope this helps anyone like it did my friends and I. More than anything, you have options! Keep your mind positive and your information updated. Hit me up if you want the full list: 310.388.8224 (Your # is NOT shared.) S/O to @popsociallife for helping others during this stressful time.💙"

Many people bashed Jeezy's girlfriend because they believe she is lying about the phone number.

One critic said: "WTF is up with you, Jeannie Mai. Why give people your number acting like you’re going to be connecting with your fans and then spam them. I thought you were about keeping it real. There’s nothing real about that fake number bs... disappointed and unfollowed."

This angry person wrote: "That’s cool. Maybe that’s how @thejeanniemai prefers it. Trade out one honest fan who tells you it isn’t cool to bamboozle people into text spams under the guise of “genuine connection” with people for five fans who will act like sheep and follow the heard... bend over and pucker up and get your spam... I’ll be over on @amandaseales page because she is knowin."

Another follower stated: "She needs as many fools as possible to keep that dumb podcast going no one takes her seriously on advice she couldn't keep her own marriage together."

This supporter shared: "Why you gotta be like that? If you don't like her, leave her alone. Don't bring her marriage into it. People make not so good choices, and we all learn from it. None of us are perfect, and we all need each other, so can we at least not say anything mean?"

Jeannie hit back with: "Try me. Ya got somewhere to be..?"

This backer said this: "Y’all need to leave Jeannie alone. Why do you think someone of her caliber would put here number on blast like that. Obviously not. So just take the amazing info she gave us and keep it moving. It’s not an easy time we’re in right now. So let’s all be calm, and let’s have a together moment. She’s looking out for the people. Cheers. #loveandlight 💕."

Jeannie has good ideas.

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