La La Anthony's Son, Kiyan, Drops Sweet Rap Video And Confirms That Dad Carmelo Anthony Is In Back Home

La La Anthony's Son, Kiyan, Drops Sweet Rap Video And Confirms That Dad Carmelo Anthony Is In Back Home
Credit: Instagram

It seems that La La Anthony has decided to delight her nearly 10 million Instagram followers with the help of her son, Kiyan.

While millions of people are in isolation to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, they are searching for ways to be entertained.

La La took to social media, and she posted a hilarious video where her teenage son is cleaning up and rapping about how to have fun at home and keep the virus away.

Many fans were quick to notice that Carmelo Anthony is in quarantine with his family. The video went viral, and fans of the famous New Yorker told her how much they appreciated it in the comment section.

One person had this say: "I think we’re all a lil bored inside the house 😭😭La la put him up to this:/Rona got everybody bored 😩😂😂."

Another commenter stated: "All of you remember when we use to be outside? they were the days.😌"

The follower said: "Melo back in the house. That’s all I see here lol. I have examined the coronavirus, sure the result is positive... But positive Pregnant 😍😍😘. This new generation is so talented with technology, man.

A fourth commenter shared: "This what this quarantine is doing to people. Aww, his high notes are so cute and soft .. “laaaaazy.” Kids being kids I love to see it ❤️. These kids getting creative on Tik Tok 😂."

In a recent interview, La La spoke about motherhood and her love for her son, saying: “Kiyan is the best thing that ever happened to me. He’s what I’m most proud of. Having him is the most badass thing I’ve ever done, so I feel most powerful when I’m in mom mode.”

She added: “My mom always made it work with whatever she had to keep our family together, even when she was a single parent. That’s why my goal in life was always not to be broke. It wasn’t about having a career; I didn’t even know what I wanted to do. But I knew what being broke felt like, and I never wanted to have that feeling again.”

She went on to explain: “It took time to get to a place where outside validation wasn’t important. When you’re on TV, people always have something to say — and this was before Instagram and Twitter, where they tear you apart every second of the day. Plus, I’m a people pleaser, and I wanted everyone to like me and be my friend. I used to let people run all over me because I didn’t want to ruffle any feathers, but I learned that to do what’s best for yourself, sometimes that’s necessary.”

La La is keeping herself busy and fans entertained.


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