Jay-Z Puts His Music On Spotify For His 50th Birthday

Jay-Z Puts His Music On Spotify For His 50th Birthday
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Jay-Z finally put his music on Spotify after a long wait. Reported first by the New York Post, the outlet claims the rapper celebrated his 50th birthday on Wednesday by authorizing the inclusion of his music on Spotify.

Even though Jay-Z has fought for years to only keep his music on Tidal, which is the direct competitor to Spotify, Shawn Corey Carter, also known as Jay-Z, revealed he had uploaded his entire discography to the streaming platform.

On Wednesday morning, Spotify wished Jay-Z a happy-birthday message and stated also, "Welcome back to Spotify." The reaction from fans was quite mixed, with some people appearing not to care at all while others made comments such as: "it's about da*n time."

Representatives for Jay-Z didn't respond to request for a comment, however, it has been speculated by multiple outlets that Spotify's revenue and profits were a big part of the reason why Jay-Z made the switch. Back in April of 2017, Spotify lost Jay-Z's music.

The Grammy award winner was subsequently put on Apple Music, however, Spotify wasn't allowed to get their hands on his back catalog. Jay-Z acquired the company, Tidal, for $56 million back in 2014 from the Norwegian Media firm Shicbsted ASA.

The following year, Jay-Z introduced the platform to other artists, including Rihanna and Alicia Keys, and also revealed they were co-owners. Reportedly, Tidal was marketed as an ethical way of distributing music, with much of the profits going to the artist, however, they apparently were unable to grow their customer base.

One year after purchasing the company, Jay-Z reportedly sent a letter to the previous owners of the organization and accused them of exaggerating their subscriber base. Regardless, two years later, Sprint purchased 33% of the company.

In January, Tidal, once again, was accused of exaggerating and inflating their numbers to acquire investor dollars. As it was noted above, Tidal is known for paying more to artists than other streaming platforms, however, the platform doesn't have as much music on it.

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