Jason Derulo Fights Back Against IG Filter That Removed His Overly Sexual Selfie

Jason Derulo Fights Back Against IG Filter That Removed His Overly Sexual Selfie
Credit: Source: Billboard.com

Jason Derulo's recent picture that sparked a wave of compliments from his fan base was taken down from Instagram claims a new report from New York Post's Page Six. Jason subsequently began a campaign with the title, "bring back Anaconda," in reference to the photograph that showed off his genitalia.

Approximately 10 days after he first posted the photo to his IG account, the singer-songwriter told his fans that Instagram removed it because it didn't meet their Community Guidelines for nudity or sexual activity. The 30-year-old wrote, "f*k u mean? I have underwear on...I can't help my size."

As it was previously reported, Jason Derulo posted a picture on his IG in which he was wearing nothing but boxer-briefs. A commenter asked him what kind of animal he was hiding in his pants, and the singer wrote in response, "anaconda."

Instagram users have come to realize that the platform doesn't allow nudity or overly sexualized material on the platform anymore, which includes close-ups of nude bottoms, genitals, and individuals having "sexual intercourse."

According to multiple reports, Facebook's acquisition of Instagram back in 2012 for $1 billion has led to a series of changes on the platform.

Facebook makes a majority of its revenue through advertiser dollars, however, many advertisers, brands, companies, and corporations, don't want their products associated with sexual material. Unfortunately for Jason Derulo's fans, they might have to get their fix another way.

If there's one thing for sure, Jason enjoys putting on a show for concert-goers. During his visit to the Czech Republic two years ago, the concert was canceled after fans had waited in line for hours, so instead, Jason sang on top of the balcony.

However, some people on social media pointed out that it seemed too coincidental that Jason decided to perform on the balcony as a professional camera crew videotaped him. Regardless, the performer's show was canceled due to safety concerns. Rather than allowing his fans to go home empty-handed, the singer chose to perform anyway, albeit in a different way.

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