Jax Taylor And Brittany Taylor - Fired From Vanderpump Rules Or Did They Resign?

Jax Taylor And Brittany Taylor - Fired From Vanderpump Rules Or Did They Resign?
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It has been reported by a number of outlets this weekend that Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright have officially left the building . The pair of reality stars were reportedly axed from the Bravo TV series, Vanderpump Rules, which they both worked on for years.

The Chicago Tribune reported on an Instagram post from Jax Taylor this weekend in which he and his pregnant wife, Brittany Cartwright, explained that they wouldn't be coming back on the air. Jax thanked the network as well as the production company, Evolution Media.

Cartwright did the same thing on her IG as well. A Bravo representative also released a statement confirming that neither party would be coming back to Vanderpump Rules.

Coincidentally, Vanderpump Rules is in a transition phase right now anyway, considering most of the LA area has been shut down on account of the COVID-19 pandemic. The reality program hasn't been able to resume filming because of the coronavirus restrictions.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the countdown to Jax and Brittany's firing started just a few months ago amid Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute's departure. Stassi and Kristen were fired for calling the police on Faith Stowers.

The outlet explained that Jax Taylor was crucial to the plot of the popular series which relies on "outrageous behavior" from its cast and crew members. Moreover, the Tribune says his behavior led to hatred from his fans and "so-called friends."


Jax had a reputation for getting into fist-fights, arguing with other cast members, and he was once charged with a felony while shopping in Hawaii. Additionally, the Tribune pointed out that the reality star once told Lisa Vanderpump, the star and creator of the series, that it was his show, and not hers.

Lisa corrected him and said it was her program, which clearly has been backed by the most recent reports surrounding Jax and Brittany's resignation.


As it was previously reported, Vanderpump Rules has gone through a lot of changes this year because of the coronavirus pandemic and the Faith Stowers controversy. It's unclear what's going to happen next.

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