Jason Statham Backs Out Of New Movie The Man From Toronto

Jason Statham Backs Out Of New Movie The Man From Toronto
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Movie Web reported that Jason Statham has chosen to move away from the upcoming action-comedy movie, The Man From Toronto . Created by Sony Pictures, the film was supposed to be released in November of this year, however, Jason Statham backed away from the project, and its future is now unclear.

Reportedly, the fact Jason Statham would be teaming up with Kevin Hart was its number one selling point. Now, the studio has to find another actor who can fill his shoes, which may prove challenging. The movie's plot follows a man, played by Kevin Hart, who's confused with a deadly assassin from Toronto.

Fans of the pair know they last worked together in Fast and Furious spin-off movie, Hobbs and Shaw, where Kevin had a small but crucial role. Fans of the franchise noted that the two actors had on-screen chemistry, making a future collaboration likely.

As for why Jason chose to leave the project, sources claim it came abruptly, around 4-6 weeks before production was supposed to start. Insiders claim it may have had something to do with a major creative difference between Jason and Sony Pictures.

Allegedly, Jason wanted an R-rated movie, whereas the film studio wanted a PG-13 film. Taking Statham's past work into account, it makes sense that this would be the case, considering much of his prior work has involved R-rated content.

Where the story takes an interesting turn is that Statham reportedly backed away from his agency as well, WME, whom he has only worked with for approximately one year.

Movie Web claims that whenever actors leave their agency, it's typically over money or the actor isn't happy with the roles they've been offered.

With the news of his exit from The Man From Toronto , it's possible Jason may be interested in starring in R-rated movies from now on. Currently, Jason has a new picture with Guy Ritchie coming out in 2021. The movie revolves around a mysterious character who drives a cash truck containing millions of dollars every week.

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