Jasmine Washington Opens Up Finally About Kirk And Their Love Child -- Will Rasheeda Frost Appreciate This?

Jasmine Washington Opens Up Finally About Kirk And Their Love Child -- Will Rasheeda Frost Appreciate This?
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Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Jasmine Washington has decided to finally speak about Rasheeda Frost's husband.

Kirk Frost, who is married to the Boss Chick, had an affair with Jasmine, the resident stripper of the reality TV series.

The scandalous affair led to the birth of baby Kannon and almost to the end of Kirk's marriage -- because Rasheeda filed for divorce and later reconciled.

It took Kirk an eternity to acknowledge that he impregnated his former side chick and refused to get a paternity test done to resolve the matter.

After getting dragged by people on social media, he revealed the truth -- Kannon is his son.

However, Kirk is never seen with the boy and while he celebrates his other sons -- Ky and Karter's birthdays on social media -- it seems that Kannon does not exist. So what is going on?

While chatting with fans, Jasmine spilled the tea about Kirk's relationship with their 2-year-old son.

During a Q&A a fan asked, “Does Kirk see Kannon?” and she responded by yes.

Fans are still going after Kirk for cheating.

One person said: "I’m not going to bash Kirk although he deserves it. But what I would say to you RASHEEDA IS THAT YOU DESERVE BETTER !!!!!!! You’re giving him TOO MANYYYYYY passes, and he knows you’re not going to leave. Think about it Rasheeda would he stay with you if you cheated on him just one time? I’ll leave that right there. Best wishes to you Rasheeda."

Another commenter shared: "Once a cheater always a cheater, and I have kids but what your husband did that's a done deal cuz you know what he still going to be f****** with her and plus they have a child also together you might were gone and leave Kirk alone and divorce him. Kirk always gets away with some lame excuse by Rasheeda its time to fess up you lying dog of a man. Rasheeda is too good for you. I blame her cause she is too weak and takes you back all the time."

A third follower claimed: "We need to teach our daughters that these married men are not going to leave there wives just because they had a baby outside of marriage. Stop trying to trap men for money. Find your own husband to have relations with. Keep your legs closed until you get married. Then your child will respect you because you’re there mother, not a baby momma."

Will Kirk ever put this behind him?

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