T.I. Backs Jussie Smollett By Calling For A 'Revolution' -- Did Tiny Harris' Husband Go Too Far?

T.I. Backs Jussie Smollett By Calling For A 'Revolution' -- Did Tiny Harris' Husband Go Too Far?
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MC T.I. has stepped out to show support for Empire star Jussie Smollett, who was brutally attacked, beaten, and insulted by two men who are said to be Donald Trump supporters.

Tiny Harris' husband did not mince his words and demanded that African-Americans start a revolution to protect their own.

According to the police in Chigaco, Jussie was leaving a Subway eatery when the men assaulted him, put his head in a noose, and screamed, "This is MAGA country."

One of them also yelled, "Aren't you that f***ot ' Empire ' n*****?" Jussie was rushed to a nearby hospital and later released.

T.I. had this to say about the situation: "It’s a Disgusting Fuckking shame we continue to allow this shit to happen to OUR PEOPLE with no recourse!!!! THE HITS WONT STOP UNTIL WE HIT BACK!!!! Revolution is imminent... Laws of reciprocity say so... Prayers are great... But when I’m wronged... get up off your knees and RIDE for ME!!!!! Be strong & Stay solid✊🏽 We here for you Bro👑 #USorELSE."

One fan responded by: "While your president is focused on "building a wall," the Real terrorists are right here in our country in MAGA hats...We need to do something.. it's about to go down. They don't want Us To finish this......I'm sorry but not sorry..When it's going stop!!!when ACT."

Another commenter stated: " It won't happen until our men stand up and lead the charge somebody gotta be willing to risk it all for a better future. Now, what trump “do you have to say about this? You talk about this wall and send love to the young man who stood in front of the Indian man. What do you have to say now?"

A third person had another idea: "I'm definitely wit it TIP. And dont snap on me when I say this, but we need to strike back strategically. They want us to strike back (in my opinion) they already prepared for that type of violence so they can do something way major. Perhaps throw in a law that will stop that temporarily but which ultimately hurts us all in da end. I think we should strike back another way. Everybody already knows that we should be taking our black dollar somewhere else, we should really practice that more and preach it more so that it sinks in. Also, think that at this point, we should all be strapped so that when it happens, we defend ourselves right THEN AND THERE! But they want us to riot. I'm for defending ourselves but in a different way. In war, you never fall into da enemies trap if you know what they're doing."

What are your thoughts on T.I.'s call for a revolution?

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Posted on Sep 14, 2021 4:28 PM PDT