Jasmine Bleu Claims That Kirk And Rasheeda Frost Are Just TV Parents: "I Was Asked What Time They Could Drop Him Back Off"

Jasmine Bleu Claims That Kirk And Rasheeda Frost Are Just TV Parents: "I Was Asked What Time They Could Drop Him Back Off"
Credit: Source: Instagram

During the two-hour season premiere of 'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,' Rasheeda Frost finally met the child that Kirk Frost had out of wedlock with Jasmine Bleu. When the former dancer saw the episode where Rasheeda dissed her mothering skills, she took to social media to set the record straight -- the couple is just TV parents to baby Kannon.

When the toddler showed up to the Frosts' household he was a bit riled up and Rasheeda made a comment stating that he should not still be wearing diapers at two years old. If it was one of her children -- he'd be potty trained.

The rapper caught some criticism for her shade because viewers felt that two is still a pretty young age to be in diapers and that she shouldn't speak negatively about the baby. Meanwhile, some of Rasheeda's fans felt that the little boy was indeed too old to not be potty-trained.

Jasmine also caught wind of the comments and went off.


She uploaded messages to her Instagram Story.

"I was going to hold my tongue, but that really wouldn't be me, so here goes. First of all, anyone who thinks this is a fake storyline because what's her name said so, is an idiot. I'm not too fond of my mothering skills being put into question by those that aren't even really in the picture, besides when it's time to film or when it's convenient for you."

She went on to say that instead of criticizing her, they should give her some help as a first-time mother. She added that Kannon hasn't been to his father's house since before Christmas.

Jasmine ended her rant by revealing: "They live right around the corner from me.  Right after that scene, I was asked what time they could drop him back off."

What do you think of this new drama?


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  • Libby
    Libby Apr 27, 2019 8:44 AM PDT

    Whaat? You sleep with Rasheeda’s HUSBAND, have his baby, and you expect Rasheeda to help you raise your son??? Damn! What nerve!! I’m sorry for you and Kirk’s son, but you need to see things for how they really are, and that is Kannon is an outside baby and will never be a part of Rasheeda’s family.🤷🏽‍♀️ And Kirk will always be with Rasheeda!!

  • Adrienne Johnson
    Adrienne Johnson Mar 30, 2019 10:55 PM PDT

    I have to agree, she knew that he was married long before she got pregnant. I believe she knew exactly what she was doing when she got pregnant. Entrapment is what It's called. Using a baby to benefit and secure her future financially and using a baby to do it. Most women from where I come from, if the donor was in denial of a child, they keep it moving and didn't try to force a situation upon another woman and her family she built from the ground up with all of the sacrifices she's made to build their fortress. I'm not just gonna allow you to come in and get a piece of the pie that you didn't contribute to. Build your own, save your money and invest it like they did... What do you think the Lord will say on judgment day? Personal self examination just for you, not Rasheeda or Kirk.... but Jasmine. I'll wait

    BG.CUTIE Mar 29, 2019 2:11 PM PDT

    I Like Mimi, I Do. But I Think I Have To Agree With Stevie On This. I Think She STILL In Love With Him. I Think Mimi Upset Because Stevie Didn't Put A Ring On HER FINGER.

  • Pamela Ward
    Pamela Ward Mar 29, 2019 7:28 AM PDT

    You should have had a child with a single man and then your son could have had a dad that didn't have a wife. Rasheeda owes your son nothing. People can say what they want but your son wouldn't be in my house. Today people want you to accept in and everything but you don't have to.

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