Porsha Williams Slams NeNe Leakes And Calls Her A Liar: 'You Are A Bald Edges Lie!' - Here's Why

Porsha Williams Slams NeNe Leakes And Calls Her A Liar: 'You Are A Bald Edges Lie!' - Here's Why
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You might have already guessed the reason - it involves the colossal home closet scandal, indeed. You may recall when Porsha Williams and Kandi Burruss wanted to snoop around NeNe Leakes' home closet.

The whole thing ended with NeNe pulling the cameraman by his shirt and yelling. After that, NeNe claimed that Porsha overreacted because something else went down there.

Porsha, on the other hand, clapped back and said that NeNe is a colossal liar. Unfortunately, she also offended her and other women who might have problems with alopecia.

'On the show when she said ‘I’m scared, get me out of here,’ she filmed that in the studio and did a voice over and they put it in the show. So they got her to say ‘I’m scared, get me out of here,’ she said that in an interview in the studio and they actually inserted it in the show,' NeNe claimed in the intro episode of her new YouTube series Life of NeNE! on March 21 as reported by the Hollywood Life online publication.

Porsha came after NeNe's accusations and here's what she had to say:

'NeNe Leakes you are a bald edges lie! Nothing was taped and added. I said that the exact same moment you were assaulting people on camera. Just the same way Marlo (Hampton) yelled ‘She’s pregnant.’ Now back to breastfeeding I go,' Porsha posted on IG in a comment that was captured by The Shade Room.

Commenters quickly hopped in the comments section with various opinions on the matter.

Someone commented: 'Nene acted like people didn’t have their own problems at home too. She really made this show about HER. 😒'

Another follower had something to tell Porsha:'@porsha4real. But you lied on @kandi. So how can we believe you now sis.💁😂😂'

One follower had a few words for both ladies: 'Omg. Stop being friends already I'm sick of these two always arguing. They argue like they are married.'

Apart from this drama, Porsha is living her best life since she gave birth to her baby girl.

She also shared a photo with baby PJ , and even if her face cannot be seen, her fans were thrilled.

More pictures will come, that’s for sure because Porsha likes to share important moments with her loved ones and she’ll be keeping everyone updated with everything that baby PJ does.


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