Jared Leto Reflects On His Reputation As A 'Method Actor' - Says He Just Likes To Do A Good Job

Jared Leto Reflects On His Reputation As A 'Method Actor' - Says He Just Likes To Do A Good Job
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Jared Leto , the Oscar-winning actor, has certainly come a long way in his career as a performer and entertainer. And while he has starred in cult classics and major successes like Dallas Buyer's Club and Requiem for a Dream,  in recent years, Jared has suffered some negative press.

For instance, it was reported last year that Jared was incredibly upset over the fact Joaquin Phoenix was getting his own stand-alone Joker movie. Rumor has it that Jared tried getting his team to shut the movie down, and it also allegedly led to him firing them for not being able to stop it.

Additionally, Leto came under fire from people on social media who believed he had sent used condoms in a box to his co-stars on the set of Suicide Squad as "method acting" preparation. Jared and his team denied the rumors, but in many ways, the damage to his reputation had already been done.

According to Indie Wire, Jared recently discussed the way he prepares for movies, claiming that it wasn't his goal to be a "method actor," but to be as prepared as possible so he could do a great job on set. Moreover, Jared said it was also his goal to be "great to work with."

Jared said during the podcast-interview that he "appreciated the term," but the definition of it is unclear. More importantly, it can often sound very pretentious. Leto says he merely thinks of it as showing up to his job to "do the best work" that he can. Clearly, it has worked for Leto, including for his role in Dallas Buyer's Club which garnered him his first Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

Regarding the future of his career, Jared said to The Hollywood Reporter back in October that he had "heard the rumors" about his supposed appearence in the new version of Snyder's Justice League movie. Jared said he wasn't sure if he would be in it.

Jared went on to say that it was up to Zack to confirm or deny whether he was in the movie. Regardless, Jared says he and the director have "great chemistry."

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