Jared Leto Reportedly Tried Thwarting The Release Of Joker Film Starring Joaquin Phoenix

Jared Leto Reportedly Tried Thwarting The Release Of Joker Film Starring Joaquin Phoenix
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According to a report from MovieWeb, Jared Leto wasn't pleased to see that a new Joker movie was coming out with Joaquin Phoenix as its star. Reportedly, Jared felt alienated and unhappy with the fact Todd was moving forward with the film because he purportedly thought he was getting his own Joker movie.

In fact, Jared purportedly was so upset that the Suicide Squad actor tried to have the movie shelved indefinitely, telling his representatives to speak to Warner Brothers to tell them they had to "stop this." Clearly, the studios chose to ignore his pleas and they're happy they did so because the movie smashed box office records for October.

Fans of the iconic Joker character know that Jared starred as the psychopathic madman in the 2016 DC Comics adventure, Suicide Squad . Reportedly, there was quite a lot of noise about Jared's behavior on set before it was finally released.

Rumors persisted online that Jared Leto had actually sent some of his co-stars disgusting "gifts" included used condoms and other obscene items. Moreover, reports claimed he would act like the Clown Prince Of Crime whenever he was in public.

Later, however, Jared would say all of these rumors were actually untrue. Furthermore, Jared was upset to see that many of his scenes were cut from the movie, making his role in Suicide Squad basically more like a cameo.

Jared was reportedly unhappy with the fact Warner Brothers were continuing with Joker in a way that wasn't related at all to the DCEU. Sources close to Jared claim that he went to his CAA agents to complain about the movie, the very same agents who also represent Todd.

Moreover, he even tried to get his music manager, Irving Azoff, to call the leader of Warner's parent company, and get him to try and thwart the movie. Since Joker was released, Jared and Irving Azoff are reportedly no longer in partnership.

Mr. Leto was reportedly upset because he wanted his very own standalone movie, but was obviously never given the opportunity. Rumor has it that Warner Brothers wasn't pleased with Jared Leto's supposed on-set behavior, and they weren't happy with his portrayal of the Joker either.

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