Janet Jackson's 'Rhythm Nation' Producer Jimmy Jam Teases That She Has An Amazing Song In Store For The Fans!

Janet Jackson's 'Rhythm Nation' Producer Jimmy Jam Teases That She Has An Amazing Song In Store For The Fans!
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Jimmy Jam, one of Janet Jackson’s legendary producers for her legendary album from 30 years ago, had some great news to reveal! The man told HollywoodLife during a new interview that Janet has some great new music in store for her fans!

Rhythm Nation, released in 1989, was extremely successful at the time, topping the charts and setting new records!

It was definitely the release that cemented her title as a pop icon.

So now, three decades later, the singer is reuniting with the producers she worked with at the time, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, to maybe make history again together!

While in attendance at the City Of Hope’s 15th Annual Songs Of Hope event, Jimmy chatted with HollywoodLife, revealing some details about what the fans can look forward to.

Asked if he was excited to see Snoop Dogg at the event, Jam stated: ‘I am definitely planning to hit up Snoop Dogg. I’ve been trying to reach him for a little while and haven’t been able to connect with him, so I’m going to grab him tonight, for sure. We’re doing a Jam and Lewis album, which is something we have never done. We started doing the album about 35 years ago or so, and the story goes that we had created some tracks for our album when we were working on the Control album with Janet Jackson.’

So is she on the album in any way?

It turns out that there is a song with her included and it’s amazing!

‘Our song with her, at least her part of it is done. We’re going to add a few things to it, but she is on the album, and she has a beautiful song on there,’ the producer teased.

It was also the exact day the legendary album was released so the event just so happened to mark the 30th anniversary, something Jimmy and Janet supposedly talked about via text, acknowledging the massive milestone.

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