Janet Jackson Posts A Preview Of Her Documentary - This Is Set To Come Out The Next Year

Janet Jackson Posts A Preview Of Her Documentary - This Is Set To Come Out The Next Year
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Janet Jackson shared a preview of her upcoming documentary that is set to be released in 2022. Check out the latest details coming from The Shade Room.

Someone said: '“my story told by me, not through someone else’s eyes” 🙌🏾' and anotehr follower posted this: 'Yes! Let me go get my leather boots and practice my 8 counts 😂'

A follower said: 'Janet is the Goat bruh. She inspired entire generations with her style and originality. She got 10 number 1s on the pop charts and 16 on r&B yet she’s not given her props in the generation at times. It’s crazy.'

One other commenter posted this message: 'will be watching it I love janet she deserves a documentary' and a fan said: 'Yes. This is what we need from legends before they pass! We need their story in their own words and perspective!.'

One follower posted this: 'Smart of her to do while she’s still alive ! Her own words out of her own mouth, excited for this although I hope it’s not a retirement announcement also.'

Someone esle said: 'It’s always great when a documentary is made from the source and not by speculation!' and another follower posted this: 'Is she gone talk about her relationships 👀I wanna hear about Bobby Brown 😂'

Back in March, we were revealing that Janet Jackson  is the executive producer for her upcoming documentary  Janet  and people can't wait for the A&E special. While fans are thrilled that Janet will open up to the public about her life, new reports say her family isn't so thrilled.

According to a report in the upcoming March 29, 2021, issue of OK! magazine, Janet's family is freaking out.


Not only is Janet reportedly going to dish on the inner workings of the Jackson family, but she's also going to delve into her late brother, Michael Jackson , and his 'bizarre lifestyle.'

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