Jana Kramer Addresses Her Hot Nanny Comments After Receiving Backlash!

Jana Kramer Addresses Her Hot Nanny Comments After Receiving Backlash!
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Previously, the singer who is a mother of two, shared that she had been trying to find a replacement for her nanny who quit not too long ago. But what made a lot of people very up upset was that Jana Kramer mentioned she wanted to avoid hiring any ‘hot’ nannies.

‘I don't understand some girls who post pictures on Care.com, because don't you know the female is hiring? I do not see a guy going on Care.com and going through all the nannies. Maybe they do, and that is awesome, but I personally am doing it. I am laughing because one photo was like, 'Hi, I am 22 years old and have perky boobs,’ she said while on her Whine Down podcast.

Jana went on to give the nannies a piece of advice: ‘Don't post the perky boobs photo. I'm not hiring you. And I am not saying post an ugly photo, I am just saying...you should dress for the part.’

The woman made sure to stress that she totally trusts her husband but she still thinks that hiring a hot nanny is like ‘playing with fire.’

As you can imagine, she got a lot of backlash over the comments and now, Kramer took to social media to respond.

‘First of all, a few things I said were taken out of context. Like the fact that people believe I meant the nanny deserves it cause she's hot. No one ever deserves to be sexually assaulted at the workplace based on what they wear or how they look. Period,’ she clarified.

The star went on to argue that she was just talking about not bringing the temptation for the husband to cheat in the home.

Jana admitted that saying that is also offensive and wrong but that it was not her intention.

After all, as far as she is concerned, the podcast is meant to ‘stir things up.’

And that’s not all! The mother of two even argued that all of her past nannies have been very beautiful and loved her kids, which is the actual important part.

She also admitted that if someone were to cheat they do it no matter with whom and the looks of that person.

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