James Corden Is Called Out By Keith McNally For His Persistent Lying

James Corden Is Called Out By Keith McNally For His Persistent Lying
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After James Corden stated he had done nothing wrong in handling the Balthazar workers, Keith McNally called the comedian a liar and accused him of abusing the staff.

Despite Corden's denial of any misconduct in an interview with the New York Times, the owner of the NYC hotspot who reinstated his suspension went to Instagram on Friday to implore him to fess up about his actions.

It is not my intention to be the one to kick a man when he is down. McNally, 71, said this in yet another abusive message on social media. Mainly one earning $100 Million, but was James Corden joking when he declared in yesterday's issue of the New York Times that he hadn't done "nothing illegal, on any tier"?

Or was he refuting the allegations that he was disrespectful to my servers? Again, the connotation was clear of what Corden intended: he didn't do it and continued.

McNally continued by saying that he didn't see the actor's troubling behavior first-hand but that his crew had nothing to gain by lying about the altercations, even if they did.

I hope James Corden will finally live up to his magnificent initials and admit the truth. McNally said that the highly brilliant actor should at least acknowledge his mistake if he wants to regain the respect he had from all of his fans (all four of them) before the incident in question.

The restaurateur, who is widely credited with creating the downtown dining scene, closed his post by offering the 44-year-old free meals for the next decade at his French brasserie if he apologized to the two servers he berated.

After reportedly apologizing profusely to the restaurant owner earlier in the week, Corden finally spoke out the day before, calling the charges stupid and saying that he hadn't actually read anything McNally said on social media.

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