Is Porsha Williams Ready To Mend Her Relationship With RHOA OG NeNe Leakes?

Is Porsha Williams Ready To Mend Her Relationship With RHOA OG NeNe Leakes?
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The friendship between Real Housewives of Atlanta stars NeNe Leakes and Porsha Williams has seemingly come to an end after an alleged off-camera physical altercation in Leakes’ closet during Season 11 - not to mention their major blowout during the reunion. In a recent interview, Williams updated fans on her and Leakes’ friendship status, and she says the bond the two women once had is beyond repair.

While talking to Hollywood Life, Williams revealed that she hasn’t heard from Leakes since she gave birth to her first child - Pilar Jhena McKinley - last month.

During the Season 11 reunion, Leakes admitted she didn’t send Williams a baby shower gift, and the new mom made it clear that Leakes’ lack of support was hurtful. Williams also called out Leakes for her attitude.

“That makes me feel like any experience I have ever had with you was fake. For you to sit here and say, ‘No, I didn’t get you a gift,’ and ‘No, you’re not my friend,’” Williams said. “That sh*t f**king hurts.”

After the reunion taping, the two had a nasty text exchange, and Williams posted some screenshots of the conversation on social media. During the text conversation, Leakes allegedly called Williams a “lying a** big fat hungry b***h,” and she also wrote that Williams should “try dieting.”

This text exchange happened just six days after Williams gave birth to Pilar. She says it was hard for her to read the fat-shaming messages because it is difficult to get used to her brand new body.

After Williams shared the screenshots, Leakes apparently sent a cease and desist letter, and the 37-year-old says that getting the legal paperwork was a sure sign that their friendship was over.

Instead of focusing on her broken friendship with Leakes, Williams says she is concentrating on being a mom to baby Pilar and planning her wedding to fiance, Dennis McKinley. She explained that busy new moms like herself appreciate the support from friends and family. And, if someone isn’t calling, she isn’t thinking about them.

Currently, Porsha Williams is starring in a three-episode spin-off titled The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Porsha’s Having a Baby which airs Sunday nights on Bravo.


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