Is Meghan Markle Trying To Track Down Clint Eastwood And Steven Spielberg To Launch Her Career As A Director?

Is Meghan Markle Trying To Track Down Clint Eastwood And Steven Spielberg To Launch Her Career As A Director?
Credit: Source: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex/Instagram

The rumors surrounding Prince Harry and Megan Markle never cease and right now there are so many stories spinning around the Duke and Duchess of Sussex that it's hard to keep them all straight.  Things came to a head when in October, Meghan and Prince Harry did an interview with ITV where they broke protocol and actually complained about being royals. Meghan isn't used to the extreme spotlight she's been living under and Prince Harry has always been a bit of a wildcard. The two have been accused of being rebellious and as they have now been married for over a year and have their son Archie, the pressure has been mounting against the couple.

Meghan and Prince Harry are on a break for about six weeks where they are reportedly in the United States and spending time with Meghan's family and close friends.  Now, the latest reports are saying that Meghan is tired of being a royal and regrets giving up her Hollywood career for Harry.

There is nothing that would remotely indicate that this is the case, but it's being reported across social media. Now, a new report by OK! Magazine says that Meghan wants to start directing and while she's in the United States, is trying to set up a run-in with award-winning directors such as Clint Eastwood and Steven Spielberg.

According to OK! Magazine, Meghan wants to connect to a lot of Hollywood A-listers but most specifically, she wants to connect to Eastwood and Spielberg to help kick-start her directing career.

OK! Magazine quoted a source who stated the following.

"Initially, Meghan gave up her career for Harry, but she's been thinking about returning to Hollywood someday as a director, either for a big-budget movie or a documentary. A meeting with Clint or Steven could help get that off the ground."

Again, there is nothing to indicate the report is true; however, if it was, Meghan could make a lot of leeway as a director — especially if she focused on documentaries.

There seems to be nothing traditional about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, but do you think she's trying to leave her royal duties to the wayside permanently so that she can work as a Hollywood director?


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