Is Jennifer Lopez Whining To Alex Rodriguez That She Didn't Get An Oscar Nomination?

Is Jennifer Lopez Whining To Alex Rodriguez That She Didn't Get An Oscar Nomination?
Credit: Source: Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

Is Jennifer Lopez whining to her fiance Alex Rodriguez about her recent Oscar snub? That's what's being reported in the Feb. 3, 2020, issue of In Touch Weekly. According to the magazine, J-Lo thought this was going to be her year to get an Oscar nomination and possibly even an Oscar. The report states that Jennifer is devasted that she didn't get the best-actress nomination for her role of Ramona in Hustlers .

In Touch says that Jennifer is complaining so much that A-Rod can barely stand listening to her anymore.

Quoting a source, the publication stated that Jennifer is so upset about losing she's been crying non-stop.

"He's tired of hearing it. She thought this was her time, so she's really disappointed they snubbed her. Of course, she's not complaining about it publicly, but she is privately, and A-Rod can't take listening to it anymore."

Though neither Alex or Jennifer have stated anything about J-Lo's disappointment, plenty of celebrities and fans quickly sounded off regarding the Oscar snub.

At 50-years-0ld, 2019 was an incredible year for Jennifer Lopez. She accomplished many things and is proving that age means nothing to her. She celebrated her 50th with a tour, produced and starred in Hustlers , and gave a critically acclaimed performance. Though she was snubbed for an Oscar, she has won multiple awards for the role.

There is nothing to confirm the report and some fans doubt that it's true because they say Alex would never speak negatively about Jennifer and say that she is getting on his nerves. Also, Alex Rodriguez has always been very supportive of Jennifer and it seems he would be extremely supportive to her during this time.

What do you think? Do you believe the report is true? Do you think Alex Rodriguez is tired of listening to Jennifer Lopez cry over her Oscar snub?

Jennifer has plenty of jobs lined up for 2020 and beyond. Right now, fans are waiting for her rom-com with Owen Wilson called Marry Me . At this point, a release date hasn't been announced. Jennifer is currently filming the series Thanks a Million and will then work on then has seven projects in the works.


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