Is Jennifer Garner Pregnant With John Miller's Baby?

Is Jennifer Garner Pregnant With John Miller's Baby?
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Is Jennifer Garner pregnant with John Miller's baby?  That's the question on many people's minds now that OK! magazine has published an article in their upcoming June 15, 2020, issue of their publication. The article quotes a source who states that at 48-years-old, Jennifer miraculously conceived a baby with her boyfriend. Jennifer and John have kept their relationship private and out of the media as much as possible. Now that Ben Affleck has found love with Ana de Armas and introduced his children to her, some have questioned what the future holds for Jennifer and John.

According to the publication, Jennifer was spotted by an eyewitness back in May looking extremely happy and with a baby bump.

The source spoke to the outlet and described Jennifer Garner's "glowing complexion" and "fuller midsection."

"Jen was in the best mood. She wasn't making an effort to disguise it either. It almost looked like a small baby bump."

The source divulged even more about the reported pregnancy.

"Jen's expecting a baby with her boyfriend [of almost two years], John Miller. Jen and John always said they'd love to welcome a baby together someday, but given her age, Jen didn't think it would be possible. So when she found out she was pregnant, she was shocked — in a good way. This baby's nothing short of a miracle."

Though Jennifer Garner and John Miller like to keep their relationship private, reports have circulated for months saying the couple is getting along well. However, it isn't believed that they are quarantined together, unlike reports that suggest Ben and Ana are.

Do you believe that Jennifer Garner is pregnant? This isn't the first time that tabloids reported the mother of three was with a child.

Jennifer Garner's and Ben Affleck's youngest child is their eight-year-old son, Samuel Affleck. Jennifer hasn't said anything publicly about being pregnant or wanting to expand her family.

What do you think about OK! Magazine's report? Do you believe that Jennifer Garner is pregnant with her fourth child?

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