Is Jennifer Aniston Going To Quit Instagram After The Morning Show Wraps Up?

Is Jennifer Aniston Going To Quit Instagram After The Morning Show Wraps Up?
Credit: Source: The Morning Show/Instagram

Jennifer Aniston is beloved by her fans and many were disappointed that she chose not to share her life in photos and videos on social media. Since landing the role of Alex Levy, Jennifer has joined Instagram and broke records for the fastest time to get one million followers. Reports suggest that it was Reese Witherspoon who helped Jennifer see the benefits in going on Instagram, but now some worry that she is just doing it to help promote The Morning Show , her new Apple TV series with Reese, Steve Carell, and Billy Crudup, and that after the series wraps up, she'll go off Instagram again.

When Jennifer Aniston was married to Justin Theroux, fans begged her to join. Justin is an avid Instagram user and he often posts photos and videos that support dogs in need. Justin recently shared an Instagram post about dogs needing to be adopted and social media freaked out when he hashtagged Jennifer in the post. He even said for her to expect being tagged in more of what he shares on Instagram, now that she's online.

Jennifer Aniston reached one million followers within six hours from joining Instagram. She currently has 19.4 million followers.

You may see an Instagram post Jennifer shared wishing celebrity hairstylist Chris McMillan a happy birthday. Chris McMillan is the hairstyling genius behind the "Rachel" hairstyle Jennifer made a public craze when she starred on Friends.

Past reports have suggested that the reason Jennifer stayed away from social media is that she's a very private person and never saw the purpose or benefit of sharing so many details of her life online. It's also been suggested that one of the best ways for celebrities to control what the public believes about them is through social media.

For instance, if a false report begins to go viral, a celebrity can address it individually and shut it down before it blows up out of control. Though it is true that what a celebrity posts online becomes news, they have greater leverage over what is "out there" so to speak when they regularly engage in social media.

What do you think? Do you hope Jennifer Aniston will stay on Instagram permanently?


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