Is Angelina Jolie Jealous Of Brad Pitt's Success And Oscar Win?

Is Angelina Jolie Jealous Of Brad Pitt's Success And Oscar Win?
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Is Angelina Jolie jealous of Brad Pitt's success and his recent best-supporting actor Oscar win? That's the question that is on a lot of people's minds since the couple had a very public break up. Since the two split, Brad Pitt has come clean about some of the problems he dealt with that contributed to the breakdown of his marriage. He has spoken out about his struggles with alcohol and is now sober and at the top of his career. Fans have also noticed that between the two actors, Brad Pitt is having a great deal more success than Angelina is and many are curious as to how she is dealing with it.

Angelina Jolie is an extremely private person who shuns social media and is said to make her children her main priority in life. Reports indicate that Angelina enjoys spending time at home, with her kids and though she still has a very active career, it isn't all she focuses on.

Those who are worried that Angelina may be jealous of Brad's success may want to wait until the premiere of Angelina's upcoming movie The Eternals. Angelina is now a member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and while she might not get an Oscar nomination for the role, she's certain to see her star power continue to rise.

In other news, the upcoming March 2, 2020, issue of Star magazine says that though Angelina isn't actually suffering from financial woes due to her acting roles she would like to see more quality work come in.  A source spoke to the magazine about Angelina's financial situation since her split from Brad Pitt. The source stated the following.

"Much of her net worth is tied up in investments, and her movie paydays are spread out in installments 90 percent of the time. She'd very much like to get on the Netflix train for something worthy and lucrative."

What do you think about Brad Pitt's latest Oscar win? Do you think Angelina Jolie is jealous of all of Brad's recent success?

Are you looking forward to seeing Angelina in The Eternals? Do you think the movie will be a huge success?

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