Court Note Requested By Harvey Weinstein Jurors May Spell 'Bad News' For The Disgraced Producer

Court Note Requested By Harvey Weinstein Jurors May Spell 'Bad News' For The Disgraced Producer
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Legal experts revealed to Page Six that the recently created note for the judge in Harvey Weinstein's legal battle may signal a jury deadlock, or potentially "bad news" for the formerly powerful movie producer. Additionally, the note could be a sign that the jurors are ignoring the judge's instructions.

Reportedly, the Manhattan Supreme Court jury can't look at the rape and sexual assault charges against Weinstein unless they first reach a verdict on predatory sexual assault, which comes with a maximum life sentence in a federal penitentiary.

A defense lawyer, Mark Bederow, and the former Manhattan prosecutor stated that if they have a verdict on the less severe counts but are grid-locked on the more serious predatory counts of assault, it could mean that Harvey is considered guilty by the jury.

Michael Bachner, another former Manhattan prosecutor, agreed with Bederow, arguing that the jury's note could mean Harvey Weinstein is in trouble. On the other hand, Todd Spodek, the legal counsel for Anna Sorokin, claimed the jury might be confused about how they should be going about their deliberations.

Spodek added that sometimes the verdict sheet can be so complicated that even experienced lawyers aren't able to comprehend it. He stated that it could lead to a "runaway jury," explaining that they could completely ignore Justice James Burkes' instructions for how to proceed in the case.

As it was previously reported, the jury presiding over Harvey Weinstein's Manhattan Supreme Court sexual assault case asked to re-hear the testimony from Annabella Sciorra, who claims she was raped back in the winter of 1993-1994.

Annabella, who used to work as an actress on the legendary television show, The Sopranos, claimed Harvey barged into her home one evening with intentions of having sex with her. The actress claimed she told him "no" and wanted him to stop, but he continued anyway.

Later, after she addressed what happened with him, Weinstein purportedly said to her that was what all the "Catholic girls would say." Weinstein was accused of assault by Jessica Mann and Mimi Haleyi as well.

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