Ireland Baldwin Does An Interpretative Dance With Splits To 'WAP' Cover

Ireland Baldwin Does An Interpretative Dance With Splits To 'WAP' Cover
Credit: Source: Ireland Baldwin/Instagram

Ireland Baldwin did an interpretive dance to a cover of Cardi B's song featuring Megan Thee Stallion "WAP" and fans are impressed. Ireland has recently spoken out about the body image issues she struggled with in her past as well as her former eating disorder. Ireland has become a spokesperson for having a healthy outlook and positive body image and has used her public platform to encourage young girls to love themselves just the way they are. The gorgeous model has 622,000 Instagram followers and shared a video of her dancing to "WAP" on her public timeline.

Fans were impressed to see Ireland's dancing skills and some suggested she should have been in the official video! Standing 6'1" Ireland is supermodel height and it was something to see her long legs perfectly arched in the air and spread out as she performed the splits.

It's hard to believe that Ireland ever struggled with her body image as she's gorgeous and has the perfect physique for runway and fashion modeling. She stated the following in the photo's caption.

" Love working out in my new @terez fits and by working out I mean ➡️💦."

In the first photo, she pulled her long, blonde hair away from her face and showed off her flawless complexion. Her tattoos were clearly visible on her inner arm and she wore a black crop top and leggings from Terez.

The second item in the slideshow wasn't a photo, but a video of Ireland performing a quick, interpretive dance to the cover of "WAP." Ireland didn't identify who the performer was, but people started asking who it was and one of the commenters revealed the answer. It was a cover by Alec Chambers. You may see the video below.

Ireland made sure to show off some impressive moves and fans were shocked when Ireland performed a move similar to Cardi B's chair splits. Ireland performed the dance move outside on the grass.

One person left the following comment.

"Didn’t know you’re a dancer! You’re flexible af."

Another wrote this, 'How do you do the splits?!!!!'

You may see the video of Ireland Baldwin dancing to Alec Chambers' "WAP" cover below.

What do you think about Ireland Baldwin's dance moves? Did you know she was a dancer?


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