Inspired By Adele's Weight-Loss Sharon Osbourne Recalls Her Own Struggle With Obesity

Inspired By Adele's Weight-Loss Sharon Osbourne Recalls Her Own Struggle With Obesity
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Fans of Adele know this has been a big month for her. Earlier this month, Adele dropped a brand new photograph of herself in which she showed off her brand new, fit, healthy-looking body. The response to her dramatic transformation has been mixed, with some congratulating Adele and others only becoming infuriated by it.

Page Six picked up on comments from the wife of Ozzy Osbourne in which she praised Adele for the massive weight-loss she endured over the last year.

Moreover, Sharon claims that women who are overweight are often quite unhappy with themselves, so she thinks Adele is likely in a much better place now.

The 67-year-old said on The Talk this Tuesday that when women say they're happy with their bigger body, she's not convinced this is true at all. Sharon claimed her body was "really, really, big," but she didn't feel good about herself when she went to bed alone.

Sharon went on to say that she "totally understands with Adele." Osbourne believes there must've been a day when the singer-songwriter simply came to the decision that it was her time now to lose weight and begin a new life.

"She looks absolutely fantastic," Osbourne added. According to Sharon, Adele did it for nobody but herself, and everyone should be a lot happier for her now. Interestingly, Sharon went on to tell a story about her own life, including how she only felt comfortable around other women of similar weight.

Sharon explained that when she was 100 pounds overweight, she only felt comfortable around women who were similarly overweight as she was. She added, "I feel like we had something in common," but never mentioned it to them ever.

Osbourne claimed she liked to be in that position because then she wasn't a threat to other women, and men liked her a lot more because she was funny and cool. "She is good for a laugh," Sharon said in reference to what men used to say about her.

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