In A White One-Piece Swim Suit And Black Glasses, Charlize Theron Maintained A Casual Appearance

In A White One-Piece Swim Suit And Black Glasses, Charlize Theron Maintained A Casual Appearance
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Jackson, 10, and August, 7, were with their mother, Charlize Theron when they were sighted on the beach in Porto Ercole, an Italian harbor town, on Friday.

The actress, who was in Italy shooting the "The Old Guard" movie this summer, seemed to enjoy her break, keeping it understated in a white, softly patterned one-piece swimsuit and black sunglasses.

Theron, 47, was spotted sunbathing on plush recliner lounge chairs on the hotel's private oceanfront terrace, which was carved out of the surrounding landscape and often welcomed celebrities like Sophia Loren and Jackie Kennedy. Theron was staying at the opulent Hotel Il Pellicano.

The "Atomic Blonde" starlet slid the straps of her swimsuit lower to her waist while laying on her stomach at one point, obviously concerned about avoiding tan lines.

It didn't take her long, though, to opt to join Jackson and August in the sea, and the three of them made their way down a pier from the terrace, across the naturally rocky beach, and down a staircase to the quiet, Mediterranean harbor.
Later, while surfing on a surfboard with her younger daughter August and navigating the improvised vessel with a paddle, the "Italian Job" actor appeared to have embraced the role of Captain Mom.

The actress posted an image and a video clip from her most recent campaign as the face of J'Adore Dior to her feed, and in the meantime, Theron's Instagram followers were treated to glimpses of the "Long Shot" star submerged in another enigmatic, flamboyantly emotive body of water. However, this was done in a figuratively fantastical sense.

In a previous post, Charlize Theron's day job involves her sporting a post-apocalyptic buzzcut as the one-armed Furiosa, dressing as Snow White's evil queen, wearing a homicidal crown, and working blonde "hottie" to lengths to challenge patriarchy. The Dior J'Adore spokesperson, actor, and activist prefers to keep things straightforward in her personal life, though.


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